Announcing A New Partnership – Zoomd & TikTok


We’re thrilled to announce our exciting new advertising partnership with TikTok!

This new partnership makes Zoomd join a very limited list of top digital marketing partners connected to TikTok Ads via direct API integration.

The partners in this program were handpicked by Tiktok and have proven expertise in helping advertisers create, optimize, target, and measure ad campaigns on TikTok.

As the world’s fastest-growing social app, TikTok is an ideal platform to reach diverse audiences around the world. With a wide range of engaging and immersive ad formats, advertisers, brands and app developers can creatively connect in all-new ways with people who are chasing after the latest trends and social movements.

Our advertisers can now create their TikTok ads directly on Zoomd’s platform, all while benefiting from our powerful cross-channel reporting and optimization dashboards available on Zoomd SaaS platform.
Zoomd’s multi-channel user acquisition platform empowers UA teams to take a data-driven approach and optimizing their ads and media assets at a large scale.

Top features using Zoomd’s platforms to run your Tiktok ads:
• An easy creation flow
• Aggregate all Channel, MMP, and BI data into a single dashboard
• Multi-channel data to be analyzed towards any KPI
• Take bulk actions on bids, budgets, and campaign’s status based on actionable insights
• Optimize and scale across channels with our recommendations and insights

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How to approach mobile marketing when you don’t have a clue


Mobile marketing can do wonders for driving brand value and demand for your products or services by leveraging available technology to connect with more consumers in real-time at any point in the customer lifecycle. With a huge variety of tools and possibilities, mobile marketing can be scary for some business owners that just don’t know where to start.

Zoomd co founder and CMO, Omri Argaman shares some insights for the new online marketer or bootstrapped entrepreneur that needs to figure out mobile marketing with limited resources.
Hope is not lost, and you too can tackle mobile marketing like a champ.

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