Giving Sight to the Ad Blind with stand out CGC video creatives


Partnering with influencers is far from just trendy, it’s also a great way for consumer brands to create high-impact, high-converting content. Creators-generated content has been proven to outperform brand-created content in nearly every aspect, and it’s far more affordable.

Today’s online advertisers are in a tough tug of war. On the one hand, ad technologies continue evolving, delivering ever more sophisticated targeting and optimization capabilities. On the other hand, online ads are becoming more and more expensive while frequently offering less bang for your advertising buck.

The reason for this? Ads have become so commonplace in the online space that people ‘stop’ seeing them. Whether conscious or subconscious, this phenomenon is known as ad or banner blindness. It happens because users’ senses have become overloaded with irrelevant, uninteresting online advertisements to the point that they completely ignore the ads on their screen. Add to this the fact that the public’s trust in the accuracy of the information they receive from traditional media is at an all-time low, and it’s clear that something is broken.


This issue only gets worse when it comes to millennials. These digital natives are the first generation to grow up with internet-powered devices as a part of their day-to-day lives. Traditional advertising — even the kind that is displayed on the internet — simply doesn’t work with the younger generations. Digital natives filter out ads and instead turn to their friends, social media channels like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, and other similar word-of-mouth type sources, to get their information when considering a purchase.


Online advertisers looking to market their wares to these highly desirable demographics should consider changing the way they approach them. To penetrate ad blindness, advertisers need to leverage authentic, real sources who can talk the millennial talk and walk the digital native walk.


Nothing’s Realer than Creator-generated Content

Creator-Generated Content (CGC) is a novel advertising concept that leverages video ads featuring real people using and getting enthusiastic about different digital products. These creators are often relatively unknown micro-influencers from actual social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram; they know a thing or two about communicating authentically with digital natives and are seen as more trustworthy than A-list celebrities who are automatically associated with big brand advertisers. These video ads are proving highly effective at breaking through ad blindness among desirable demographic groups like millennials and other digital natives. This is mostly a result of the highly authentic, real feeling that viewers pick up on as they see a different sort of ad featuring individuals who look like them and speak like them.


After a very successful acquisition of Performance Revenues, Zoomd is now leading the CGC revolution with an attractive package of creative materials suitable for a variety of different acquisition channels. Our world-class video production team works hand-in-hand with our clients to turn original creator content into high-impact video ads tailored specifically to the tastes and styles of our client’s target audiences.


CGC represents a new, highly effective way of promoting your app among traditionally hard-to-reach segments. Here are just a few of the numerous benefits that Zoomd clients are already realizing  by using CGC ads to promote their apps across different acquisition channels:

  • Repurposing. No matter how innovative your ads are, if you keep using the same creatives your audience will stop seeing and reacting to them. This situation reduces ROAS as advertisers still pay the same CPM, but get fewer clicks. With CGC, it’s easy to ensure a consistent stream of fresh, highly effective video ads produced based on the original production materials.
  • Authenticity. CGC video ads give sight to the ad-blind because they leverage real people who look and speak like your target audiences. With CGC, your target audiences don’t feel like they’re being sold anything, but rather that they’re getting recommendations about aps from real people who are just like them. With digital natives, word-of-mouth influences purchases more than any other generation, ever.
  • Untapped audiences. CGC delivers exceptional results among millennials and other digital natives who are markedly less engaged with traditional ads that are more effective among older audiences. Using CGC, advertisers can benefit from high-quality, LTV users and generate revenue from new audiences.
  • Low cost, high volume. Compared to other forms of digital video ads, CGC is surprisingly cost-effective. Creators are experienced video artists, with the ability to turn around high-quality original content at a considerably lower cost than hiring professional actors, video production teams and editing crews. What’s more, Zoomd is able to swiftly create multiple ads from the same original content. This means that clients pay less for numerous videos than they would normally pay for just one.
  • Global reach. With CGC video ads, audiences feel that they’re receiving recommendations from a friend — or someone who could be a friend. To ensure this authenticity across different regions requires robust localization capabilities and in-depth knowledge of local customs and preferences. Zoomd’s international production team is made up of individuals from nearly every region in the world. They understand local nuances, regional dialects and native customs, as they are themselves local consumers. This ensures that videos produced for audiences on the other side of the world, feel as though they were made next door.

To make a long story short

When it comes to millennials and digital natives, more of the same digital advertising simply won’t cut it. The truth is, for those that grew up with the internet those ads simply don’t exist. They don’t see them.

CGC represents a revolutionary new concept in the world of video ads. These ads show real people who understand the nuances of these innovative generations getting excited about different apps and games. Highly effective, low-cost CGC video ads excel at breaking through the noise and getting hard to reach audiences to take action.

Experience the high past production and agility of our creators community for your mobile app. Contact our team to learn more.

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How to win user acquisition with Influencer marketing


The User Acquisition (UA) game is a tough one to win. The thing is, the better you get at it, the more difficult it becomes to achieve your goals. Traditional User Acquisition channels like Facebook, Google and other major ad networks offer diminishing ROAS as digital saturation continues to drive up customer acquisition costs.

User Acquisition Solutions?

Although ad inventories continue to stockpile, customers simply aren’t clicking as frequently as they once did; this is mostly because ads have become ineffective at spurring action among some target audiences, especially millennials and other digital natives. The fact is that many individuals in highly desirable target audiences consider online ads to be pervasive, obnoxious and intrusive. Unfortunately, pop-ups, remarketing and stale ads have become the plate d’jour to the point that they are often perceived as ‘background noise’ to some audiences.

All this means that KPIs are becoming more difficult to reach; target audiences are shrinking in relation to the supply of available ads, and often aren’t clicking on the ads that they do see.

Influencers, the New Ad Kid On the Block

The solution of course, is to find new, innovative ways to advertise to your audiences. Influencer marketing is one way to do just that. Influencer marketing is a new form of social media marketing that focuses on “influencers” who endorse and mention products for money. These influencers often boast huge, dedicated social followings and are considered to be knowledgeable, or even experts, in their fields.

Influencer marketing is considered to be especially effective — especially among millennials and other digital natives — mostly because their recommendations are considered social proof of the products they promote. Influencers are highly trusted among their followers, and a recommendation from them goes a long way.

Zoomd and Influencer Marketing

Following Zoomd’s recent, successful acquisition of Performance Revenues, we’ve merged their industry-leading Influencer Marketing service into our offering. This new and exciting service blends Performance Revenue’s wide expertise in all things User Acquisition with the impact, reach and effectiveness that defines the Influencer Marketing domain. This enables a unique, robust Influencer Marketing service that delivers quantifiable tracking metrics for a UA channel that is notorious for its untrackable results.

Zoomd’s new Influencer Marketing User Acquisition channel is offered as a fully-managed service. Clients just need to define their target audience and budget, and the rest is handled by Zoomd’s dedicated team. All aspects of the campaign — from sourcing and negotiating with the creative talent, crafting a high-impact brief, ensuring a high level production, tracking results and whatever else is needed, is managed by Zoomd. The team works hand-in hand with clients to develop highly targeted, relevant campaigns that bring outstanding results, every time.

The new Influencer Marketing service offers significant, bespoke benefits to any User Acquisition campaign:

  • Global reach. Highly effective campaigns are often global in nature. When it comes to Influencer Marketing, this means you may have to engage with multiple Influencers from different parts of the world to ensure that you’re getting the global coverage you need. The fact is that Influencers can come from anywhere, and often speak languages other than English. Zoomd’s global team hails from all four corners of the world; we’re fully capable of communicating and negotiating with Influencers in any location, no matter the geo your campaign is targeting.
  • Localized to any language/region. The origin of a given Influencer’s social following knows no borders. Followers can come from anywhere and speak any language. To truly deliver impact, Influencer campaigns should feel local. That way, your target audience feels as though the recommendations are coming from a close friend, someone down the street. Zoomd’s international production team is well-versed in delivering highly-localized campaigns that speak the audience’s language and conform to local customs and cultural nuances.
  • Hand-Picked Influencers. Zoomd leverages an advanced talent tracking system to locate the perfect Influencers for your campaign. We’re able to zoom in on the Influencers who boast followers with the critical metrics and demographic info to ensure that your campaign is being exposed to the right audience. With Zoomd, you just provide the brief and we’ll find you the talent you need to get your apps in front of the people who want to use them.
  • Advanced tracking for Influencer Marketing. Leveraging years of User Acquisition experience across multiple industries and geographic areas, we’ve successfully merged advanced tracking capabilities within our Influencer Marketing User Acquisition campaigns. Benefit from revealing tracking insights that connect clicks to campaigns so that you can rest assured that you’re getting bang for your advertising buck.

User Acquisition Solutions – Parting words

With traditional User Acquisition channels increasingly becoming less profitable, brands are challenged to find new, innovative ways of reaching their audiences. Influencer Marketing is quickly gaining steam as a powerful, innovative advertising method that brings results, especially in hard-to-reach digital native audiences. Highly trusted among their followers, Influencers are considered reliable sources of ad recommendations that aren’t intrusive or annoying. Their recommendations are automatically deemed social proof of an apps’ value to the specific following of the promoting Influencer.

Zoomd’s recent acquisition of Performance Revenues enables the company to offer innovative Influencer Marketing services to its clientele. Performance Revenues’ years of User Acquisition experience across multiple industries and geographic regions has empowered a unique, highly effective Influencer Marketing service that introduces UA tracking to what was once considered untrackable. A compelling set of capabilities including localization, global reach, effective talent sourcing and more, enable Zoomd to deliver high impact results for their Influencer Marketing campaigns.

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