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We are passionate about creating solutions that ensure your company’s growth.

Our team is comprised of some of the best, brightest and most passionate people in the search and mobile industry. Although from varied backgrounds, our team shares the same vision and goals. Our team possesses a passion for creating a solution that they needed as marketers and a dedication to ensuring the company’s growth. We’re also lovers of tech and geeks at heart.

Our passion for delivering world-class search capabilities combined with the most cost-effective centralized app distribution platform is what fuels us. We live and breathe mobile, search and content distribution.

Zoomd’s unified search and mobile app user acquisition platform delivers the best of both worlds for publishers and advertisers, increasing engagement, retention and monetization, while giving advertisers the reach they need to generate cost-effective user acquisition.

Zoomd was developed to easily deploy search technology that delivers an intuitive, responsive and enjoyable experience for their visitors.

We believe in true partnerships and would be glad to discuss relevant opportunities with you.

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